Quick question for you— are you spreading some delight? You know, creating joy for your customers, clients, or patients? 

Let’s make it a D for “Always Be Delightful”.

Hey there, hope you’re having a fantastic week. We’re edging up on Christmas, and I got a thought. There’s a lot of shopping going on, and a lot of people working in retail who are hustling, and making it happen.

But here’s a question for you. Are you delightful? Are you delighting your customers? I’m continuing with my theme of “Always Be”, so today is a letter “D”. “D” stands for – Delightful.

“Always Be Delightful”.

The word “Delight” or “Delightful” means joy or joyful.  So are you creating joy for your clients and your customers? Look at the word and you get the syllables.

It’s de-light. So it’s actually, are you bringing light to the customers? You, I mean, here’s a question for you. What delights you?

Well, my guess is what delights you is something small. Sometimes when I’m just walking around I see a cool bird that I’ve never seen before or a bear that delights me.

To hear all story please, watch the video above!

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