gratitude to employees

A friend of mine is in a job that she doesn’t love. Her managers have shifted her responsibilities, and she’s doing work that she was not originally employed to perform.

She says her current work brings her “no joy”. She has options. She can leave and find something else, or she can stick it out.

So, where does “joy” (or any other emotion) come from? Events or people can trigger emotions.

For example, watching kids play or going to a concert, may trigger joy in you. Or someone cutting you off in traffic might trigger anger. A job well done makes you proud.

Our emotions all have a purpose. Most emotions are designed for your survival or for the survival of our species.

“Anger”, for example, is a survival response to an attack. “Love” ensures the next generation happens. Some of our emotions don’t serve us well in today’s society. (Road rage is not okay.)

Emotions happen. You will feel. A great question is, “How is this emotion serving me?”.

A better question is, “How will I respond to that emotion?

My friend has a choice. She can choose to let people, decisions, and events suck the joy out of her, or she can choose to be joyful.

You have a choice too. Why not choose joy?

All the best!


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