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Today is Labor Day in the United States. And according to the “Department of Labor”,  part of the federal government’s “Labor Day” is the annual celebration of the social and economic contributions of American workers. 

It was started in the 19th century by some activists, who pushed for it to have a Federal holiday, to celebrate the contributions of the American workers.

So, I have a few thoughts on “Labor Day.”

I don’t know what you’re doing. It seems like, most people are having picnics, or an extra day, or a trip, or whatever it is you’re doing.

I’ve got a couple of things that I’d like to point out. 

Number one – for some reason I tend to find myself working on “Labor Day.”

When I had a business, we were open on “Labor Day”, so I figured, if my employees needed to work, then I needed to work. So, it was a very busy day in sales.

So, if pre-retail workers out there? Thank you! We appreciate you working on the day when a lot of people have a holiday.

Number two – if you do have the day off, figure out how to have some fun.

We’ve been lucky, because we’ve had family here for the weekend, and so we’ve had some fun. Make sure, that you have at least some fun if you are going to work. 

Number three – have some gratitude.  If you are a business owner thank your workers. For those folks, who work with me I really appreciate the contributions, that you’re making to growing our business.

If you’re a worker, an employee, or a part of a team, then thank your teammates.  You know, there’s no way to be in business without a team. No one can do it without a team, so thank your team regardless of where they’re at. 

The cool thing about Labor Day is that it comes in the early part of September. And it’s a bit of a restart. 

We’re coming out of the summer break and going back to school, and in our heads, it’s kind of a new restart for business.

So, you’ve got four months to go with your plans and make the next four months the best they can be.

Those are my thoughts on Labor Day. I hope you have a fantastic day!

Enjoy your day, no matter what you’re doing: whether it’s camping, cooking, having friends over, or working. Whatever it is – enjoy the day and thank a worker!

All the best,


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