New Year Resolution

You have big goals, and you want to achieve those big goals, but for some reason, the goals that we call “resolutions” rarely make it past January.

How do resolutions get off track? How do you keep them on track? And ultimately, how can you achieve those resolutions?

Here’s 7 reasons resolutions fail:

  • The goal is too big. For example, if your goal is to lose 100 pounds, that’s a big goal. You have to lose those 100 pounds one pound at a time.

You can’t lose 100 pounds at once. It’s too big. Chunk down your big goals into smaller goals. Coach Krzyzewski from Duke University, the all time winningest basketball coach in college, breaks down each half into five minutes increments.

There are four, five-minute sections in each half. Coach K and his staff chunk down their goals. What needs to happen in the first five minutes of the half? What needs to happen in the second five minutes? What needs to happen in third?

What needs to happen in the fourth five minutes. So, have big goals, but chunk it down into smaller increments. If you want to lose 100 pounds, make your goal to lose three pounds for 33 weeks.

  • Having no plan at all. The old adage of, “People don’t plan to fail. They just fail to plan,” is true.

A plan is simple- who does what by when? What is your plan for achieving your goals? What kind of resources do you need? Who do you need help from? What kind of team do you need? Do you need to hire people? Build your plan.

  • No first steps. You don’t have a place to start. “The journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step.” What are the first steps to achieving your goal?

Let’s take the weight goal. You want to lose 100 pounds? Great. What do you need to quit eating? What kind of exercise do you need to start doing?

Maybe it’s just you need to walk 100 yards first, or maybe you need to stop eating bread. Where are you going to start? Then, just start. Take that first step on your way to achieving your resolution.

  • No accountability. When I first started working out, I didn’t know how to work out, I didn’t know when to do it. And I didn’t like working out.

I needed somebody there to hold me accountable to show up and do the work. I needed to pay money to make it happen. Maybe you make a bet. Maybe you get a buddy. Maybe you hire a coach.

Set up some kind of accountability. Do it now. That can be one of your first steps.

  • No reset button. Goals and plans go off track all the time. It’s like when you set your GPS to go to Tampa, and change your mind. Now, you want to go to Orlando. You reset the GPS. So, reset the resolution when it goes off track.

Most New Year’s resolutions don’t make it through January. Why? Because there’s no reset button. Be willing to reset and start over.

No real commitment. If you don’t really want to lose the weight or achieve the goal, then you won’t. It’s that simple. Chose a resolution you will commit to achieving.

  • You have the wrong goal in the first place. I’ve always had a monetary income goal that was very large, and, quite often, I haven’t achieved it. Once I was out of financial pain, had my basic needs met, and I was pretty comfortable; there wasn’t enough pressure on me to achieve a bigger goal.

In short, having more wasn’t important to me. I still wanted more. In order to achieve more, I needed to tap into a bigger purpose. My real purpose and our purpose for our business is to help other people achieve and live out their purposes.

So, instead of aiming for more money, what I needed to do is find more people to help achieve their purposes. Find your real purpose and success will follow.

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Enjoy the learning, achieve your resolutions, and until next time…

All the best!

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