In your business, your prospects are asking you, “What does your service or product cost?” They have two good reasons:

1) They don’t know what else to ask, and

2) they want to know if they can afford your service or your product.

pennies and plants

Our business is the same.

In the past, when someone asked me this question, I usually answered a little bit vaguely. I said something like, “coaching is an investment”, or “coaching is free”, or “we have programs all the way from a $200,000 per year corporate executive coaching programs, all the way down to a $20 book.”

While all of those statements are true, that’s not really what you wanted to hear, is it?

What you really want to know is how much money am I going to have to pull out of my checking account and invest in this coaching program?

With over 15 years and over 15,000 actual hours of direct one-to-one coaching, and having helped 100’s of businesses get great results, here are our offerings:

1 to 1 Programs

Executive Coaching /Corporate Coaching

These programs are geared for larger organizations in $10MM plus range. We work with the CEO and /or a number of executives, managers, or teams. These are custom coaching programs and range from $5,000 to $15,000 per month.


1 to 1 Advanced

For most medium-sized businesses that are working on building systems and building better teams to run those systems. $3,500 per month.


1 to 1 Basic

For business owners who are technicians looking to transition from working “in” the business to working “on” the business. We work on marketing, creating more cash flow, and finding time to do the things you went into business for in the first place. $2,500 per month.

Group Programs

Action Membership

2 Mastermind Calls per Month and attendance at 90-Day Planning Days. $195 per week. 



A 16 week curriculum based program where we cover all areas of building a business- Setting Your Direction, Cash Flow, Streetwise Marketing, Sales Made Simple, Systems, Team Building, and Finance. $2995 for the full 16 weeks.

Right now we do have a special case study program where I’m asking people to do special testimonials for ActionCLUB. You can get in for 50% off. That’s $1,500 or $550 per month for 3 months.

With all paid programs, you get to attend our 90 day planning days. And you can also join all the group calls. Some scholarships are available.

Other Offerings

Business Books

Along with multiple book recommendations, you can check out my book on amazon here.



90 Minute Strategy Sessions

Free. All we ask is that you make a social media post and tell people what kind of value you got out of it, or that you give us a referral or you do both.


Facebook Group

WE Build EPIC Entrepreneurs. That’s free, there’s tons of tips and information.

So, how much does coaching cost? That might not be the right question. You’ve heard a number of our clients-on the EPIC Entrepreneurs podcast and on the website. You’ve heard them say that they’ve gotten 3X, 6X, even 9X growth in their businesses. A lot of them have gotten an ROI (Return on Investment) of over 600%.

Brian Tracy says that for every dollar you invest in yourself, you get $37 back. It’s pretty hard to beat that return on any investment. Doesn’t it make sense to at least have a free strategy session?

A good question is “How much does coaching cost? “

A better question is: “What is not coaching costing me?” 

I look forward to talking with you soon.

Until next time…

All the best!


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