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The word today is – leverage.  The root of leverage is – lever, which is a tool, that helps you gain an advantage.

So, as a pry bar gives you leverage, it gives you the ability to gain an advantage. So, the classic example of leveraging business is Henry Ford.

You all know the story…Henry (was one of) four people, when people were building cars, they built them one at a time. They built them up from the ground up.

Henry Ford worked out a system, that allowed the cars to move down the assembly line and the cars are built along the way.  They came in put the chassis on, and built everything upon it. By the time it got to the end of the factory, it was ready to go out the door. He created a system that gained leverage. 

You can do the same thing in your business. You can create systems that buy you time, or make you more money. Now, that you know that, is it a good idea to build a system, that would save you time. Let’s say there’s something you do every day, but you can build a system so you can do it five minutes faster.

Even if it took you a few hours, or a few days to build out that system, then yes, it would behoove you to go ahead and build that system.

So, here are the five areas you can look for leverage in your business.

The first is outsourcing, I outsource a lot of my social media. I’m not an expert on social media, I’m a coach, so I outsource my social media. They do all the social media posts. They do all the things. Now I’ll post every once in a while, but most of the time, they’re running it. They’re good at it. They know what I want to do. They know what the outcomes are. They make it happen.

One of my clients is in the bread business. Most businesses used to deliver directly with their own vans. Now, most of the time they get a distributor to come to pick up the bread put it in their distribution warehouse, and then it goes out from there to their clients.

So, we have a distribution system, that gives us leverage. We don’t have to have a driver anymore. We don’t have to have a van. We actually sell more, because we have a better distribution system. 

There’s measuring and testing.

We all know, that, for example, by measuring your conversion rate from lead to client your conversion will go up just by measuring it.

So, you can gain leverage by measuring, testing, and figuring out better ways to do things to bring those numbers up or down, depending on what’s better. You can add systems and technology just like Henry Ford added an assembly line to make to make his cars better and faster.

You can add a system, you can buy a software package you can add in a macro. There are all kinds of things that you can do along the way, and then of course there’s financial leverage.

So, sometimes you’re able to take somebody else’s money and do something with it. In fact, as an entrepreneur, you’re going to use other people’s money to make more money. So, those are the five areas of systemization or leverage I’d love for you to get out this week.

Rate yourself in each area, and say “All right! How am I doing in people in education? How am I doing in finance? How am I doing in delivering distribution? How am I doing in measuring and testing? How am I doing in systems and technology?” 

Take a look at your leverage, and look for one thing, that you can improve this week.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time,

All the best!

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