When a business owner says to me, I need more customers (or clients or patients), I always ask, ”Do you need more leads or do you need to just convert more of the leads you already have into paying customers?

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What’s a lead anyway?

That’s a great question that often comes up in workshops or in coaching sessions. The answer is: “That’s up to you to decide.” That’s maybe not the answer you were looking for.

Let me explain. You must determine what’s relevant and measurable for your business.

In our business, we define a lead as: “A business owner or entrepreneur, with employees, who takes an action that indicates interest in learning more about how coaching will benefit them.”

So, if you agree to a call, attend a workshop, request a whitepaper, or book a strategy session, then you are a lead.

A roofing client defines a lead as: “Someone who requests an estimate via their website or a phone call.” An online merchant client defines a lead as someone who clicks on a button on their website.

An attorney client defines a lead as: “A referral from another attorney. “

All are correct for their respective businesses. Here’s what’s important in defining what a lead is for your business:


• Measure your leads somehow. Start now!
Be consistent in how you measure your leads.
• Go to work improving the number of leads you get.


You see, it is not about the number of leads you get, or even how you measure the number of leads you get. It’s about improving the number of leads you get.

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