Today, I want to talk to you about the power of words.


You all know the power of words.  You know, that words can build you up, they can make you feel better.

Everybody’s been made feel better by somebody, if I said to you you’re looking good today, it’s going to make you feel better, right?

Words can also take you down. There, are certain people, who just have a knack, for saying things, that just drag you in the dirt, hit a trigger, or something like that.

So, we know, that words are super powerful.

Kodak, years ago did a study to figure out how we communicate as humans. And what they came up with was that 55% of our communication was actually with body language.

So, when we’re face to face or we’re in a video, a lot of times we can get the body language. But, a lot of times, we can’t. So, they, also said that about 38% of understanding was coming from tonality. 

So, such a thing, like a tonality is big. That’s why being on the phone is better than writing an email or texting.

Because most of us aren’t very good wordsmiths, what I will attempt to get you to do today is – pay attention to your language. Pay attention to your words. So, that you can understand, how to use those words to impact you. 

So, let me give you an example of some tonalities that can make a difference. The same sentence could mean two different things.

For example: “Would you like a tea or coffee?” Is a “yes”, or “no” question.

But if you say “You’d like a tea or a coffee?”, – then it becomes “an either”.  (This translates better in the video because it’s based on tonality).

So, just by changing the kadence or the tonality, you can change the intention.

The same words can mean the exact same things.  You can say “Good afternoon”, and be fired up about it. Or you could say, (you’ve seen it all in movies, where somebody’s a little bit snitty), and they say “Good afternoon to you sir”, and they just leave.  

The same words, but with a different tonality can mean very different things. So, you have to watch your tonality too.

Let’s talk about the words themselves. The same words can be used to mean very different things. But, you can change a word or two, and mean a lot of different things. So, let me give you an example.

I have a client, who just bought a concrete company, and he decided, on the advice of one of the workers, to get workers t-shirts to wear on the job sites.  

It’s a great idea and builds camaraderie. They were, kind of fired up about getting it. And I don’t think, the previous administration had given them any recognition, or given them something to be proud of.  

So, the t-shirt had the name of the company, and the logo, and then, below it said: “Concrete contractors”.  It just said of what they do. All right. But we all know, that, what concrete people do. They pour concrete, they make driveways and curbs, foundations, whatever, wherever concrete’s needed.

He decided to change one word from “Concrete contractors” to “Concrete experts”.

I want you to think about that for a minute. What did that do for the people, reading it? The customers’ impression was like: “Yeah, okay. I’m dealing with experts”. I mean, just saying the word can make a difference.

What did it do?  From a cultural standpoint, you can completely change the culture of a company.

That’s what he’s working on mostly with his team.  That’s what, we’re working on. We’re wanting to improve the culture to bring a different culture.

To create enthusiasm for the work. If you’re wearing a shirt and and it says “Concrete experts” all day, guess what goes on in your head?

You start thinking ”Hey, I am an expert.” So, think about how you could change your language in your own life.

I had an example. The another day, I was talking to a friend, right now they have a lot of money outgoing for equipment and expansion.

She said – “Oh, I’m just so nervous because we’re spending all this money…” I said – “Timeout.” She said – “What do you mean?”  I said, “Would you be open to a little bit of help with your languaging?” And she said – “Sure, of course”. 

“What if, we instead of calling it spending money, we call it – investing money” – I said. Because, that’s, what they’re doing.

They’re making an investment in their future. They’re having an outflow of money. Now, to get more back later, they’re not just wasting money or spending. Spending is negative, and has a negative connotation. Investing is positive connotation.

It’s one of the things we do as coaches – is to help people hear, what they’re saying to themselves. Because what you say to yourself when you’re by yourself is going to make a big difference.

And what you say to yourself, and to others is what’s really going on in your brain and what your brain hears is what your brain believes.

So, if nothing else pay attention to your languaging. If you’d like to have a chat about growing your business, I’d love to have a chat with you just reach out to me. All my contact information is below or in the show notes.

Until next time,

All the best.

And enjoy working on your languaging!


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