The Principle of Contrast says that our judgments of things often are based on things we have seen or felt immediately before.

For example…

68 degrees Fahrenheit might feel “hot” when you walk inside from being out on a cold winter day.

68 degrees might make you shiver if have been outside working on a 90 degree July day.

The same temperature feels different depending on your immediate previous circumstance or situation.

It is the Principle of Contrast.

Here’s how to use the Principle of Contrast to find inspiration…

You can use the principle either positively or negatively. Both might be useful. Let’s say you are feeling a bit down or the day is just “blah”. You either need some positive inspiration or a kick in the pants.

The Principle of Contrast will make you realize you don’t have it so bad. In fact…you have it pretty good.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get back to work.
Better yet, go volunteer somewhere!

When you need positive inspiration, watch some kids playing on a playground.

Look at the pure joy of living. If that doesn’t make you smile, something is wrong.

Either way, you can use the Principle of Contrast to your advantage.

Enjoy the learning!

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