Bill Gilliland

Have you ever wondered why your customers buy from you? Or what are they really buying? There’s an old saying that people don’t want to buy a drill, they want to buy a hole. What are your customers really buying? You may be in for a surprise.

If you’re a hairdresser, what are your customers buying? Are they buying a haircut, or a style, or are they buying something else?

They’re buying something else. They are buying looks. They want to look a certain way. They either want to look good, fit in, or stand out.

If they look good, they’re going to feel good. What they’re really buying is a feeling. What your customers are really buying is an emotion. It could be a “get-out-of-pain” emotion.

What do most people buy when they hire a plumber? Well, they’ve got a problem. It’s irritating. They want to get out of irritation and move towards comfort- out of the pain and towards pleasure.

What do we want from a plumber? We want our plumbing to work. We want the toilet to work. We don’t want it to leak.

We want the hot water to work, the cold water to work. We want to feel comfortable. We also want to avoid the pain of paying extra money for rotten floors that a leak has caused, or mold damage, etc.

Depending on your business, you may be more focused on getting people out of pain than you are getting them towards pleasure. It’s a lot easier to get people to move out of pain than it is to get them to move towards pleasure. Either way, you want them to feel an emotion.

The emotions are the goals.

If emotions are the goals, then what should you be doing in your business?

Let’s take another example. A contractor builds houses. When you buy a house, what do you really want? At the basic level, you want a roof over your head. At a deeper level, what do you want?

You want a safe place for your family. You want a comfortable place for you to be together. You want to create some memories.

You’re going to have those cookouts. You’re going to have those parties. You’re going to have the laughter, and the fun from having a safe and nice place to live.

So what is the contractor really selling? Lifestyle? Memories? Fun? More? Yes!

I would suggest that you survey your current customers. Ask them what and why they bought from you. Dig deep. Get to the emotions. Find the emotions they bought.

Why do people want to boat? They want a boat because they want the fun. It’s fun to drive a boat.

It’s fun to ski. It’s fun to wakeboard. They’re buying those family memories of being on the lake, skiing, fishing, or whatever it is you do with your boat.

I want you to really dig in deep this week and find out what your customers are really buying?

When you hire an attorney, what do you want? You want to keep your freedom or not feel the pain of a fine.

What do you want from your business coach? My clients tell me they want a better team, more money, more time, or education. When I dig deeper, what I find is that they want a feeling of freedom, or success, or proving someone wrong.

Whatever it is that your customers want, examine it. Design your marketing to reach those emotions. After all, people buy 80% on emotion and 20% on logic.

What are the emotions that you want to evoke in your clients?

Enjoy the learning and until next time…

All the best!

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