ocean wave2

When I was a kid, my family would go to the beach every few years. We didn’t go every year, but when we did go, my mother was super protective.

She always said “Be careful, there’s a strong undertow or there might be a riptide.” I didn’t really understand what an undertow was until I did- when I actually experienced the feel of an undertow.

And some days the undertow was strong and dangerous.

We were eventually taught that you don’t fight against a current, an undertow, or a riptide. If you fight against a current, you’ll wear yourself out more quickly, and you’ll be more likely to drown.

What you do instead, is let the current take you out until it weakens, and then you swim out of the current, and work your way back to the beach.

A market is like a riptide, you can’t fight it. You have to ride with it.

That’s why we test and measure everything. One of the biggest myths is that marketers know what’s going to work.

Great marketers have no idea what will work, but they test and measure everything. They make tweaks. They figure out what’s working best, and then do more of that.

Let’s use direct mail as an example. A great marketer will send out a hundred letters with one headline, and another hundred letters with a different headline.

The headline that works best, they use. They may test 10 or 12 headlines, and then they may test 10 or 12 different ways of wording the copy, or 10 or 12 offers.

Always looking for better results.

Continue to test and measure. Continue to tweak. Continue to get better results.

The market tells you what to do.

You can’t fight a market. You have to go with the market. None of us know what’s going to work.

Get out there, test and measure, learn and do more of what does work.

Until next time…

All the best!


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