Good Choices

When my son, Matthew was about 17, he was headed out for the night with some friends. My niece yelled at him, jokingly, “make good choices.” Apparently, she had gotten a good dose of something from her parents, and because she was only about nine at the time, it was funny. Good advice, but still funny.

So what makes a good choice? I suggest that you start with your dreams. If you don’t know what you’re chasing, how will you ever catch it?


Step 1 ~ Dreams

Work out your personal dreams. Write them down in vivid detail, post pictures of them where you can look at them regularly. Visualize yourself achieving those dreams.

 What color car do you want? What make and model? And what color is the interior? What’s your beach house look like? And where is it located? What charities do you want to help? And how much do you want to give to each?

Make sure you are specific with the details of your dreams.


Step 2 ~ Goals

Set some shorter-term goals around those dreams. I suggest five-year goals, three-year goals, one-year goals, 90-day goals. Write them down.


Step 3 ~ Learn

Realize that if you had known how to do or achieve the dream, you would have already done it. Go learn what you need to learn to achieve it.


Step 4 ~ Plan

Chunk down your goals into smaller steps. And calendar those steps.


Step 5 ~ Work

Get to work with every fiber in your body achieving those dreams. There are no magic bullets. Dreams take work. You might as well start now.

All the best!


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